Eulogy for Akinlolu Ogunleye-Akaolu

“When the day of toil is done, when the race of life is run, Father grant us thy wearied one, rest forever more”

Let’s commemorate the life of a gentle giant... Akinlolu Ogunleye-Akaolu, also known as Olu, as we affectionately call him at work. 

Olu joined Royal PLC in 2001. He was incredibly hardworking, a true team-player, generous, supportive, loving, caring, honest and humble. Let’s take a moment to delve into his remarkable generosity; Olu was renowned for carrying around his giant coffee mug. One day,  benevolently brought in an exact copy of his mug for our shift manager and when handing it over to him, his line manager happened to be around. The line manager jokingly exclaimed to Olu, “You have your favourite managers”. On the following day, Olu brought him exactly the same mug as the one he’d given to his shift manager. He effortlessly relished sharing his most treasured possessions with those around him. Although Olu was a true gentleman, a distinguished gentle giant, he also shone with a warmly vibrant persona; while anyone else would stealthily sneak out, Olu, in his exuberant nature, would explode with a very loud scream, causing all around him to become alarmed as they notice him departing the sorting floor. This made Olu popular amongst staff. When staff would request lifts home, other workers would agree to offer a ride but would request a reimbursement for the cost of the journey. Olu, on the contrary, would not only provide a lift free-of-charge but would also ensure he’d dropped his passenger to their door.  

Within Olu’s latter days in the office, many realised that he was losing weight at a disconcerting rate, but little did they know that he was battling against severe health issues. Through conversation, Olu revealed the poignant news of his ill-health. Together, we disclosed the news to our line manager who was very receptive to his condition and advised that he took some time off work to enable him to nurse himself back to full fitness. While he was at home nursing himself, we would call one another often; we would pray together and I would encourage him as well as update him on work-related issues. Family meant everything to him, and he demonstrated this remarkably in the midst of his deteriorating condition. Olu, you have fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. Akinlolu Ogunleye-Akaolu, you will be solely missed. Rest in Perfect Peace.